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I wasn't going to renewal my HGFA membership because there didn't seem to be any progress towards legal wheelbased training.
However after sending a couple of emails to HGFA I got information that things are moving ahead.
I renewed and got a little bit of training started.
I've only done some foot based stuff.
In part that is because the quad's steering was crap.
Looking at another lowboy I'm not sure black hawk made yet another stuff-up - they sent me 4 rear axles instead of 2 front and 2 rear.
We also tried hooking up the A-line assists and found they were far too short.

Propfest is a month away at my training field so training might be a bit slow till after that.
I'm in with a good chance of being airborne before the second aniversary of the quad build.

Wing handling has proved much harder than I expected - I will write more on this after the I'm more compitent.
Stay tuned.



The starter came back from being rewound yesterday. I refitted it today.
Had trouble starting it and needed starting fluid.
It is running a little rough but possibly just needs some run time.
CASA roadblocks still haven't cleared.


Things look like they are progressing on the training red-tape front.
I joined HGFA.
I tried to start the quad to get it ready and the starter motor failed.
Not burnt out - looks like a bad winding job. It looks like a wire came loose and either sheared or worn through.
The motor is being rewound.
Sydney's starter is also being rewound ATM. His has had a lot more use than mine but still should have lasted a lot longer.
I got a price for a new one from verner - 123euro - not as bad as I'd feared.
I looked to see if I could find a similar motor online but failed.
However Sydnwy's motor repair guy thought it looked like a starter from a "SUZUKI LT80 QUADSPORTS 1987 TO 2006".
These are 12V not 24V but we could change our machines to 12V if need be. I'm not sure the split 24V system is worth the hassle.
I also searched and found LiFePO4 batteries are now readily avaibalbe for motor bikes etc. These might work better than the nicads but might need a different charger/regulator.
I suspect their voltage is close enough.
They can handle high charging currents so there is a good chance they'd work.
I would not use LiPo but LiFePO4 is much safer.



I bought some solid wheels from wheelez.com but thought they were too hard.
So I've put some wheels from "Masters" hardware on the back and the 38cm solids on the front.
I need to get shorter axles or cut the existing ones down.
I hope to be able to use the beach tyres one day so I need two sets of axles.


The big news is CASA has approved the HGFA ops manual.
There is still a hurdle or two before training can being but it is a big step in the right direction.

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