Hi, I'm Eddie, This is my personal wiki


My homepage is http://eddiem.com

My paraglider still isn't legal.
Mostly I've been working on Baby Huey - a large 3D printer.
Relocating to Nimbin is now looking likely.

Most of my stuff in on http://nerdipedia.com



Working a little bit for CSIRO again. Not a real wage but it helps.


No up to much. CSIRO is broke and has an employment freeze.
I haven't done paying work since March 2013. I'm sort of retired but expect to do more work for CSIRO when they can afford me again.

OLD info - pre 2010

I currently have three part time jobs.

I consult/contract to CSIRO - http://www.cat.csiro.au/
and have two seperate positions at QUT. http://www.qut.edu.au/

I returned to QUT mid 2007 to be a part-time project manager for NTQO.
This is a non-operational robotic observatory built primarily for use by high-school students in the US.
Our (oz) students use an observatory in Chili.
A number of problems including the remoteness, internet access, staff and student turn-over and mostly funding have put this project on hold.


In the mean time we are working on building a smaller solar observatory on our building at QUT gardens point campus.
Not much see show yet but this is the view from the roof.


My other jobs there is as a technician for a high-power (as in lots of watts) engineering group.

You can email me at